Сильная своим длительным опытом и динамизмом, компания Tover стала одним из главных производителей решений для укладки и отделки паркета. Ее философия всегда основывается на качестве (сертификат UNI EN-ISO 9001:2008), исследованиях, совершенствовании и разработке инновационной продукции.Благодаря этому отношению и деятельности команды исследователей, которые постоянно разрабатывают технологически передовые продукты с высокими техническими характеристиками, Tover отличается совершенством и полнотой гаммы своих составов, специально созданных для удовлетворения всех требова-ний профессиональных паркетчиков.

В настоящем каталоге представлены основные продукты Tover. Также имеется множество других химико-техниче-ских решений и качественного профессионального инвентаря для работников этого сектора.

The philosophy of our company, certification UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000, is always oriented to obtain total quality in accordance with a true entrepreneur culture, based in the planning, control and improvement of administrative, operational and production processes.

Thanks to these details and the work of an investigative team who is constantly looking for technological solutions and better results, Tover is recognized by its excellence and the quality of the results

The presence of a chemical laboratory specially equipped and directed by recognized and experienced technicians, allow us to adopt a highly selective policy when choosing the raw materials, since we considered them as the base for a high quality product

Facilities where technology is leader, quality control systems that allow verification of all processes until the product is finished. These processes contribute to obtain high and constant quality that allow us to guarantee the completion of each product to the established standard.

Thanks to the intense activity of investigation and development, Tover offers a range of 100 different products specially made to satisfy each demand for the professional of Parquet. Now we are concentrating in obtaining solutions that pay particular attention to the healthcare of the users and the protection of the environment. Some examples are the self-levelled low in chromium content, the primer dissolvent free, the hypo allergic adhesives and the finishers in water or neutral composition.

Tover is now one of the companies most known and recognized, thanks to its presence in the main fairs and magazines of the Italian and the European sector. The informative service developed with regional agents and complemented with an innovating Internet site, is always an open door for Tover's customers, which makes possible to check the list of all products, with the complete and detailed information on how to use them. This service is always available and provided by technicians with recognized experience and the knowledge to answer any questions.

Via Rosa Luxemburg 2/A - Collegno - Torino

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