Antibacterial protective agent

Sani Pro is the antibacterial protection for all surfaces. Certified according to ISO 22196, it is effective against 99.99% of bacteria and permanently maintains its protective action, as long as the applied layer is not worn. Perfect for all private and public environments, it is suitable for wooden tables, formica desks, furniture, counters and all types of floors.


Wash the surface to be treated, pour Sani Pro into a container, dip a damp cloth and apply the first coat of product. Once dried, apply a second coat. For daily cleaning we recommend the use of Sanifloor and Saniplus sanitizing detergents. The periodic renewal of the treatment depends on the wear to which the surface is subjected: it is recommended to intervene once a month in high traffic environments (offices, shops, gyms, schools, etc.); quarterly in rooms with medium traffic (entrances, kitchens, etc.); every six months in areas with moderate traffic (bedrooms, studies, etc.) and on surfaces not subject to foot traffic. To remove the treatment made with Sani Pro, wash with suitably diluted Nettardue. No removal is required for renewal.



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