Tover will be at Domotex Hannover 2017 - Hall 7 - Stand A34

Brussels Kart Expo

 Tover will be present at the "Finishes day" - Brussels Kart Expo - 29/11/2016

Tovcol MS 

MS polymer mono-component adhesive with along open time and easy to apply. Suitable on any species and size solid or prefinished. There is no need...

Products Used
Idrolak DR97 SQ

Water-based two-component varnish - Natural effect

Products Used
Sportfloor Grip

Waterborne two-component sealer for prefinished sportive floorings

Sportfloor Color

Waterborne two-component paints for games lines and areas

Sportfloor Finish

Waterborne two-component lacquer for wooden sportive floorings

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