Cleaning and Maintenance

Anti-static wipes
Micro-fiber cloth
Care Pad
Ultramicrofiber cloth for cleaning and maintenance
Floor care kit
Oiled parquet maintenance kit
Basic kit for the cleaning and maintenance of oil or wax treated wooden floors
Maintenance kit for decking
Basic kit for the cleaning and maintenance of outdoor wooden floors
Restoring kit for decking
Basic kit for the restoring of worn and grey wooden floors in exterior
Parquet maintenance kit
Basic kit for the cleaning and maintenance of varnished wooden floors
Nettar Due
Concentrated detergent - Wax remover
Green Cleaner
Detergent - Thinner for paste waxes and oils
Pulito Parquet
Neutral soap for wooden floors
Sanitizing detergent for wooden floors
Natural soap for oiled and waxed wooden floors
Anti-static detergent for laminated floors
Sportfloor Cleaner
Sanitizing detergent for sportive floors cleaning
Sportfloor Grip&Clean
Cleaning agent for sportive floors
Grey Free
Restoring solution for grey wood
Sportfloor Cleaner N2
Concentrated detergent for heavy dirt
Sportfloor Remover
Cleaning agent for sportive floors
WPC Cover
Protection agent for Wood Plastic Compound terraces
Lux - Lux Max
Reviving wax for parquet
Universal Wax
Creamy wax for parquet
Riflex B12
Water-proof emulsion of waxes and essential oils
Resinal Wax
High resistance protective wax
Maintenance oil
Neutral detergent with high wax content
Floor care kit

  • Practical and ergonomic
  • Suitable on all wooden surfaces
  • Recommended on laminate and cork
  • Reduces the quantity of water and detergent
  • Carefully cleans without marks
  • Rinsing is not necessary
  • Reaches also dicult areas
  • Reusable micro-ber cloth
  • Suggested with all Tover detergents

Cinderella is the exclusive floor care system developed by Tover to preserve and valorize the original beauty of a wooden floor. With Cinderella, to clean a floor becomes easy and pleasant; there is no need any longer of a heavy water bucket and thanks to the spray system, only the strictly necessary quantity of deterging solution is used for a professional result in a few minutes. 


Cinderella also cares about environment:

  • The spray system drastically reduces the quantity of detergent and water used
  • No pollutant liquid is poured into household drains
  • Tover cleaning products are formulated with natural compounds to respect and safeguard the environment
  • With 1 liter of concentrated product, up to 50 spray rells can be prepared
  • The micro-ber cloth can be washed hundreds of time in the washing machine


The kit includes:

  • Cinderella spray-mop
  • A micro-ber cloth
  • 20 anti-dust clothes
  • 1 l. of concentrated detergent Pulito Parquet
  • A graduated cap to measurethe detergent
  • A parquet cleaning guide

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