Innovation, quality, safety, sustainability are the key words Tover based its philosophy on since its foundation, becoming one of the major Italian manufacturers in the field of chemicals for wooden floors. Thanks to the huge and constant investments in Research & Development and to the work of its highly skilled laboratory technicians, Tover has always been a pioneer, achieving excellent results in terms of range completeness and advanced technology solutions. Top performances products are developed through high-tech production processes to meet the requirements of more and more demanding markets. An accurate choice of reliable suppliers, systematic controls of raw materials and internal severe audit procedures have permitted to reach upper and steady levels of quality; thus the good international fame of Tover as a trustful partner was born and is still growing. The new challenge imposed by international norms concerning the safeguard of Environment and chemical products eco-compatibility, which was already an integral part of Tover business plan, is now an absolute priority and winning policy. Indeed the company concentrates all its efforts and involves its staff to grant the best and safest solutions to its customers, paying further attention to Environment and Human Being respect. Tover is currently leader in wooden floorings laying, finishing and care with low emissions and hypoallergenic adhesives, water-based NMP and isocyanate free lacquers, heavy metals and solvent free oils, secure professional tools. A responsible behavior to improve the future for all of us. Besides professionalism, Tover offers dynamism, creativity, originality with its coloring systems; a complete range of stains, ageing and reactive agents, colored oils to get endless shades and satisfy the most unbridled desire of fantasy and Design.

Tover has always based its philosophy on quality, R&D, products innovation and improvement and is proud to be certified: UNI EN-ISO 9001:2008.

Facilities where technology is leader, quality control systems that allow verification of all processes until the product is finished. These processes contribute to obtain high and constant quality that allow us to guarantee the completion of each product to the established standard.

Via Rosa Luxemburg 2/A - Collegno - Torino

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